Math Projects

Disneyland Parking Structure Math Project

Your students will use estimation strategies to figure out how many parking spots are there in the parking structure at Disneyland? And you bet I reveal the real answer!

An Olympic Sized Pool and Lots of Pasta

How many pounds of pasta could you cook using the water in an olympic-sized pool?

A Donut Investigation

In this cross-curricular investigation, students will look into an intriguing question: do donuts or salads have more sugar? They'll grapple with misleading information, bias, and use their math skills to create a visual representation of sugar in popular foods.

Mow A Lawn

How long would it take to mow a very large lawn with a push-mower?

A Grid-Based Fraction Project

You've got 60 spaces on a grid to create an amusement park, a house, a farm, or whatever you'd like. Divide it into seven pieces, order it by size, combine into two halves, and more in this fraction project.

How Many Students Can Fit On The Playground?

So… just how many kids could we cram onto the playground?

Investigating Cost of Living

Would you save money if you lived in Las Vegas and commuted every day to San Francisco?

Finding The Volume of Laptops

How has the volume of laptops changed over time? You know you want to check out how huge those first versions were!

Math Project: What If I Bought Apple Stock Instead?

What if you had an original iPod and sold it compared to if you had bought the equivalent amount of Apple stock and sold that?

Math Project: Furnishing A Hotel

In this math project, students will design and furnish suites and rooms in a hotel. Then they will use their talents to sell their hotel in a presentation.

Filling Up A Car With Other Liquids

Is gas actually that expensive? What if we filled a car up with… orange juice?

A Nutrition-Based Math Project

Let's create a parody ad attacking a surprisingly calorie-rich meal.

Special Gifts with Special Requirements

Your special friends sure have some unique gift needs!

A Caffeine Investigation – Part 1

So… just how much caffeine can you have before you end up in the ER?

Percents and Credit Cards

Let's buy something expensive with a credit card and then make only the minumum payments!

What Do Mean and Median Mean?

When will mean and median give us different results?

Analyzing Movies’ Success

So should we make another movie in this series?

Olympics: Winter vs Summer Medal Count

Which country has a great balance between their summer and winter Olympic medals?

Investigating Population Changes

How have the ages of three countries' populations changed from 1950 to 2020? And what problems might that create?

Olympic Medals by Population

Sure, the US has a whole lotta medals! But do smaller countries have more medals per capita?

A Caffeine Investigation – Part 2

What do people know about the amount of caffeine in common beverages?

An Olympic Sized Pool and 2 Liter Bottles

How many 2 liter bottles could you fill up using the water in an olympic-sized pool?

A Caffeine Investigation – Part 3

Students will analyze advertisements about caffeine and create a public service announcement to communicate their findings.

An Olympic Sized Pool and Jet Fuel

How many times could you fill up a jet plane using the fuel that would fit in an olympic-sized pool?

Polar Weather Report

Students work with negative numbers to create their Polar Weather Report.