Social Studies

Create A Civilization Introduction

Part 1 of Create A Civilization

Combine social studies, science, and language arts in this year-long creative project!

An App For A Historical Figure

What kind of an app could have helped Abe Lincoln accomplish his goals?

Not Like The Others: US Presidents

Students will determine which founding US president is not like the others.

Create A Civilization: The River

Part 2 of Create A Civilization

The Nile, the Tigris, the Euphrates, the Seine, the Thames, and now... your river!

Tournament of Ancient Inventions

Which of these inventions of the ancient world is most influential? Least useful today? Most taken-for-granted?

Famous Structures

Students explore famous structures from around the world, put them into related categories, pick some winners, and then design their own.

Create A Civilization: From Hunter Gatherers to Farmers

Part 3 of Create A Civilization

What happens when your civilization suddenly has a surplus of food? Think of the possibilities!

Create A Civilization: Calendars

Part 6 of Create A Civilization

Why 12 months? Why 30ish days? Why 7 days in a week? Your civilization could organize a year in any way you want!

Historic Social Media

How would people from history have interacted online? Students will develop a conversation online between people involved in the same event from history.

Create A Civilization: A Change In Government

Part 4 of Create A Civilization

It's a great moment for your civilization! Power is moving from the hands of a few to a more democratic government.

Not Like The Others: Countries

How is each of these four countries not like the others?

Tournament of Presidents

So who was the strangest of these eight presidents?

Create A Civilization: Design A Flag

Part 7 of Create A Civilization

What makes for a good flag? What makes a bad flag?

Olympics: Winter vs Summer Medal Count

Which country has a great balance between their summer and winter Olympic medals?

Not Like The Others: US States

How is each of these states not like the others?

The 8th Wonder of the World Tournament

Which of these eight wonders deserves to become the Eighth Wonder of the World!?

Not Like The Others: Branches of the US Government

How is each part of the United States Government not like the other parts?

Investigating Population Changes

How have the ages of three countries' populations changed from 1950 to 2020? And what problems might that create?

Olympic Medals by Population

Sure, the US has a whole lotta medals! But do smaller countries have more medals per capita?

Create A Civilization: Currency

Part 5 of Create A Civilization

What type of currency will your civilization use? What symbols will be on it? Why are they significant?

Discussing An Important Decision from History

How would people with two different perspectives discuss a decision from history?

Prefixes and Suffixes in Other Languages

Let's go beyond merely memorizing word parts and instead analyze across languages. How do other languages make a word the opposite?

Exploration Technology Tournament

Which of these pieces of exploration technology is most important? Most underrated? Most long-lasting?

Domesticated Animals Tournament

Which domesticated animal will win the tournament?

Countries of North America Tournament

Who will win the tournament of North American countries!?

Create A Civ: Capital City

Part 8 of Create A Civilization

How are capital cities a combination of natural and human-designed features?

Not Like The Others: Mountains

Which of these mountains is not like the others?

Countries of Europe Tournament

Who will win the tournament of European countries!?

Not Like The Others: Microstates of Europe

Students will determine which of these tiny countries is not like the others.

Countries of Africa Tournament

Who will win the tournament of African Countries!?

Not Like The Others: African Nations

Students will determine which country in Africa is not like the others.

Countries in Oceania Tournament

Who will win the tournament of Countries in Oceania!?