Student-friendly art projects with easy-to-find materials.

An Escher-Style Tessellation Project

Create a piece of repeating art in the style of MC Escher!

Self Portraits Part One: Line Drawings

Part 1 of Self Portraits

Anyone, yes anyone, can create a (somewhat) realistic self-portrait using these steps. Anyone!

Writing About Art: The Scream

Part 6 of Writing About Art

Your students will turn the iconic painting The Scream into a vivid, sensory poem.

Self Portraits: Text Art

Part 2 of Self Portraits

What if a students' self-portrait was made of words that describe the student!?

Fractals: Koch Snowflake

You could keep zooming in on this snowflake forever!

Fractals: Sierpinski’s Triangle

What if this triangle pattern just kept repeatingā€¦ forever!?

Looping Grid Art

Pick a few numbers, draw some corresponding lines on grid paper, and you'll end up with some interesting, looping math-y art!

Teaching Empathy With Faberge Eggs

Terri Eicholz explains how she builds empathy in her students using the story of the Faberge Eggs.

Inferring With Art: A Man

What's going on in this painting? Who is that guy? What's his job? And where's his other boot?

Inferring With Art: Two Women

What are these two women up to? What's that thing she's holding? Let's make some inferences!

Drawing Knots, Level 1

How to draw a simple version of this twisty Henri Matisse knot!

Parabolic Curve Art

Create mathematical art with curves that, well, aren't curvy.

Thinking With Art: Head Down

Students will work their brain in several ways, noticing details, comparing, synthesizing, and finally identifying a parallel. All with one artist's work!

Self Portraits: Pointillism

Part 3 of Self Portraits

Turn your students into a bunch of Monets with q-tips and some tempera paint.

Art Lesson: One-Point Perspective

Let's give our students an art history lesson while teaching them how to enhance their drawings using one-point perspective.

Drawing An Impossible Triangle

Here's how you can draw The Penrose Triangle, an example of an impossible shape.

Inferring With Art: A Couple

What's going on in this room? There are shoes everywhere! Are thoseā€¦ oranges? Let's make some inferences!

Concept Attainment: Art

Students will be working with examples and non-examples to deduce the topic of cubism.

Art Lesson: Two-Point Perspective

Let's get students' art really popping with two-point perspective!

Drawing Knots, Level 2

How to draw a more complex version of this twisty Henri Matisse knot!

Drawing Knots, Level 3

How to draw the final version of the twisty Henri Matisse knot!

Van Gogh Self-Portrait Tournament

Who will win the tournament of Van Gogh self-portraits!?