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Welcome to Byrdseed.TV!

Hello! I'm Ian Byrd and I (along with some of my colleagues) create the videos here at Byrdseed.TV. The site's currently open for Fall Registrations, so let's take a quick tour!

The Problem

Imagine. You’re planning a lesson, and you know that certain students already know the material or will get it much faster than their peers. If you have the time, you develop a differentiated lesson to meet their needs.

But what if you don’t have time? What if you don’t have the resources or ideas to create a high-quality task?

Without Byrdseed.TV, there are really only two places to find differentiated lessons:

  1. your textbook
  2. books of lessons from education publishers (think: "10 Exciting Science Experiments")

Both have problems!

You Reach For Your Textbook

You crack your textbook and look for the "for advanced learners" section. But these (ahem) “differentiated” lessons are not written by experts in gifted education. Often the tasks are simply more of the same.

At Byrdseed.TV, you'll find carefully crafted tasks that will consistently push students' thinking to appropriately high levels. And it's all done for you (but with enough openness that you can make it work for your situation).

You Reach For A Book Of Lessons

You bought this from a conference, off Amazon, or perhaps borrowed it from your district library. You'll probably find lessons written by real experts with high-level thinking. But…

1. They’re Expensive!

You paid $30 to $40 for maybe a dozen lessons. You also may notice that there are three more books in the series you'll need to pick up to get all the material.

But a month of Byrdseed.TV is just $999 and includes over 250 lessons, projects, and activities. Plus the library grows every month (at no extra cost to you)! That's a ton of value.

2. You Have to Figure It Out!

You open the book of lessons and start to read, but your eyes start to cross. You have to read and interpret pages and pages of directions and then figure out how to actually teach the lesson! This is a lot of work.

Personal sidenote: I have dozens of these books sitting unread on my shelf because I never had the brain energy to figure them out.

At Byrdseed.TV, you'll find short videos created directly for gifted students. You'll see best practices in use to ensure your students reach a level of thinking that's appropriate for them. Tasks are carefully scaffolded and modeled in the videos to maximize your students' independence (aka they can work without calling you over for clarification every five minutes).

Here's how the student side works:


Summary: Byrdseed.TV vs Books

Byrdseed.TV Publisher’s Books Textbooks
Price $999 a month $30 to $40 each So expensive.
Amount of Material 250+ lessons and growing! 10 to 25 lessons Varies wildly.
Focus Cross curricular, multi-age One grade, one topic One grade, one topic
Created by Experts Experts ???
Responsiveness I’m just an email away! Many videos began with a teacher’s request. It’s expensive to create (or fix) a book. 🤣 Hahaha!

What Is A Byrdseed.TV Project Like?

Here are two samples to enjoy:

An Interdisciplinary Donut Investigation


A Guide To Improving Variety In Writing


What Kinds of Topics Are There?

You'll find writing lessons, math investigations, character analysis, vocab studies, art lessons, and all sorts of enrichment. Here are the top ten, most-favorited videos by actual Byrdseed.TV customers:

  1. 9 Ways to Start a Sentence
  2. Better Student Presentations
  3. Writing High Quality Narratives
  4. Fraction Math Project
  5. Furnishing A Hotel
  6. Greek and Latin Vocab Activities
  7. Fraction Puzzlers
  8. How Many Students Can Fit On The Playground?
  9. Bad Graphs
  10. Academic Valentines

You can find samples for many of these in the demo student dashboard.

Now, if you're wondering "what grade level" Byrdseed.TV is for, that's a complicated question. For the most part, I avoid labeling with grade levels because grade levels limit your highest performing students (and that's who Byrdseed.TV is for!). Want to know just how much grade levels are limiting your students?

How Much Do People Love Byrdseed.TV?

Enough to come back year after year! Teachers, coordinators, and entire school districts all over the world (but not Antarctica) use and love Byrdseed.TV. Here’s what they’ve said:

  • “I love Byrdseed TV! I use it as a resource and inspiration source! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and knowledge. (Helped my students make our first green screen production just today!)” ~ Kari in Texas
  • “I am the coordinator for our district GATE program. Byrdseed.TV is one of my favorite sites and one of the best investments I have made for the program.” ~ Jeannette in California
  • “The ideas presented are clear and straight-forward and my students have responded positively to every lesson idea I’ve used from Mr. Byrd and his colleagues. It’s my favorite go-to resource for gifted students.” ~ Melissa in North Carolina
  • “Love, love, love Byrdseed TV… I used many ideas and lessons this year. This kids loved the lessons and were engaged!” ~ Tiffany in California
  • “I love your site! I find it incredibly helpful when planning my lessons for my high kids… During each of those lessons, my students were engaged and excited about the topic.” ~ Angela in Colorado
  • “I absolutely LOVE all of the ideas on your site. Right now I am using Byrdseed TV to differentiate activities for my clustered students to work on when the rest of the class is doing something they’ve already mastered.” ~ Wendy in Washington
  • “I LOVE your site! Teaching home schooled GATE children tests my creativity often! Many thanks for the times you have saved my sanity!” ~ Michelle
  • “We use Byrdseed.TV when we do staff development to motivate and give fresh ideas to teachers working with gifted and advanced students.” ~ Debbie in Oregon

My favorite feedback is “This stuff is actually useful!” which (coming from a seasoned classroom teacher) means a lot.

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