Byrdseed.TV Reviews

What do teachers think about the lessons at Byrdseed.TV? Here are some reviews sent in voluntarily by Byrdseed.TV customers:

  • “This was the best money I have ever spent on a teaching tool!” – Christine in Wisconsin
  • “Byrdseed.TV has made the transition to online teaching sooooo easy!” ~ Lori C
  • “Byrdseed.TV has always been amazing but during the last year, you have been elevated to SUPERAMAZINGFANTASTIC status. You have saved my students from super boring lessons.” ~ Heidi in California
  • “I just subscribed to Byrdseed.TV and am loving it — though it is kind of scary addictive in a binge-watching kind of way (that, by the way, is a compliment).” – Elizabeth from Florida
  • “I LOVE these videos. It’s like having two teachers in my classroom.” – Kristi in Ohio
  • “I love Byrdseed.TV. It is a lifesaver” – Lori in Washington
  • “I am the coordinator for our district gifted program. Byrdseed.TV is one of my favorite sites and one of the best investments I have made for the program.” – Jeannette in California,
  • “The ideas presented are clear and straight-forward and my students have responded positively to every lesson idea I’ve used. It’s my favorite go-to resource.” – Melissa in North Carolina
  • “I love your site! During each of those lessons, my students were engaged and excited about the topic.” – Angela in Colorado
  • “I love Byrdseed TV! I use it as a resource and inspiration source! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and knowledge.” – Kari in Texas
  • “I absolutely LOVE all of the ideas on your site. I am using Byrdseed TV to differentiate activities for my clustered students to work on when the rest of the class is doing something they’ve already mastered.” – Wendy in Washington,
  • “Love, love, love Byrdseed TV… I used many ideas and lessons this year. The kids loved the lessons and were engaged!” – Tiffany in California
  • “Everything in school is so linear. Byrdseed.TV makes me think diagonally.” – a student

You might notice that the most popular word in these reviews is love! Teachers love Byrdseed.TV because their students love Byrdseed.TV. Folks also share photos of their class using Byrdseed.TV on Twitter!