A Grid-Based Fraction Project

You've got 60 spaces on a grid to create an amusement park, a house, a farm, or whatever you'd like. Divide it into seven pieces, order it by size, combine into two halves, and more in this fraction project.

Writing A Story About Fraction Equivalence

When fractions take on a new denominator, it's as if they're wearing a disguise - same value, new look. So let's write a story about fraction equivalence starring a fraction who needs to fit in with a new group.

Fraction Puzzlers: Add and Subtract Fractions To Reach A Number

You only have six digits to form three fractions. Can you combine them to get to 0?

Fraction Ordering Tournament

Which set of fractions would be the trickiest to order from least to greatest? Let's have a tournament!

Numerator or Denominator: Which has more power in a fraction?

What do you do with students who already get their fraction operations? Give them a contrived project about recipes or pizza slices? Make them solve annoyingly hard practice problems? Please. Here, we get students thinking in a whole new way, pondering which has more power, the numerator or denominator.

Visualizing Fraction Multiplication

What does it look like to multiply fractions?

A Visual Guide To Dividing By Fractions

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to divide by a fraction, man?

Fractions: Decompose and Recompose

What if we took a fraction apart, then took those pieces apart, then recombined them, and then recombined those, arriving back to the original fraction?

What’s the Pattern? Fraction Addition

Can your students figure out how to add fractions by looking for a pattern?

Find The Pattern: Multiply Fractions

What if you set the stage for students to discover how to multiply fractions?