Social Emotional

Information for students about social and emotional needs.

The Resiliency Tournament

Your students will set up a tournament to determine which person or character best demonstrated resiliency.

Reduce Anxiety: Square Breathing (Tool 1)

Reduce anxiety by breathing in a square pattern.

Creating A Classroom Motto

Starting with specific examples of fantastic classroom behavior, your class will end up with one sentence summing up their expectations. It's a classroom motto!

More Specific than “Smart”

When students are told that they're "smart", what does this word actually mean to them? (Psst. It isn't what we intended.)

The Thinking Hats

So… do your students moan when forced to work in a group? Part of the problem is that lack the structure to work well with peers. Edward de Bono's Thinking Hats are a perfect tool to help with this problem.

Impostor’s Syndrome

Why do highly capable people often doubt that they are highly capable?

Intellectual Intensity

Do you know someone who becomes a bit overexcited by ideas?

Motivation and Moral Development

Can someone do the right thing, but for the wrong reason?

Teaching Empathy With Faberge Eggs

Terri Eicholz explains how she builds empathy in her students using the story of the Faberge Eggs.

Reduce Anxiety: 5 Question Rule (Tool 5)

Adults can limit anxiety by implementing the Five Question Rule.

Asynchrony: Developing At Different Rates

In some areas, a student may be shockingly advanced, while in others… surprisingly average. This is asynchrony in action.

Reduce Anxiety: Brain Plate (Tool 3)

Take away some anxiety with the tool Brain Plate.

Phrases to Join a Discussion

Want your classroom discussions to go a bit more smoothly? Train students to use a few simple phrases and it'll make all the difference in the world.

Reduce Anxiety: Change The Channel (Tool 2)

Reduce anxiety by learning to "change the channel."

Reduce Anxiety: Worry Time (Tool 4)

Adults can learn to help students reduce anxiety with the tool Worry Time.

What Happens In Your Brain When You’re Worried or Afraid

Allison Edwards explains how blood flow in your brain affects your decision-making

How to Reset Your Brain When You’re Flooded

Allison Edwards explains how changing your senses can reset your brain.