Hundreds of lessons you can use right away. For much less than $1000.

After registration, transportation, hotels, and meals, I'd spend about $1000 to attend a national education conference. Every year!

Here's the thing – while I came home with a handful of good ideas, I felt like I needed a week to turn those ideas into useable lessons.

Byrdseed.TV is not $1000 for three days. It's just $119 for a year. You'll get more than a handful of ideas. You'll get 300 lessons, ready to go. You won't need a week to unpack them. You can just, you know, teach.

One teacher told me that Byrdseed.TV was like having a second teacher in her classroom. For $119? Now that's a deal!

And I'm happy to refund you if you're not happy with Byrdseed.TV within your first 30 days. Just send me an email.


$119 per year

You'll be billed once every 12 months.
Cancel at any time.
Save $36 a year. That's almost 3 free months!


$12.99 per month

You'll be billed once a month.
Cancel at any time.
You can change to annual pricing later.

Group Pricing

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