Over 350 lessons you can use right away. For much less than $350.

A customer once told me that Byrdseed.TV was like "having a second teacher" in her classroom.


Byrdseed.TV is not just a bunch of resources that you have to puzzle out. It's not just an endless stream of videos for kids to passively watch. And it doesn't leave you with all the work.

I've planned (and revised and even re-revised) the lesson plans. I've written objectives and scaffolded the learning. I've created sub-tasks for kids to complete along the way. These aren't just "cool ideas." These are fully-formed lessons. You can just, you know, use them.

That's why the most common feedback from educators is: "I love Byrdseed.TV."

You'll get more than 350 (and growing), thoughtfully-designed, ready-to-use lessons in video format. And I add to it constantly. It's my full time job! I've also added a professional development section, designed to help you learn from my own mistakes.

At $119 a year, it's a heck of a value.

And, if Byrdseed.TV doesn't make distance learning easier for you within your first month, I'll give you a full refund. Just send me an email: ian@byrdseed.tv.

Hey, if you're someone who leads professional development, I've got something just for you!


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