Part 1: Create A Civilization Introduction

Combine social studies, science, and language arts in this year-long creative project!

Part 2: Create A Civilization: The River

The Nile, the Tigris, the Euphrates, the Seine, the Thames, and now... your river!

Part 3: Create A Civilization: From Hunter Gatherers to Farmers

What happens when your civilization suddenly has a surplus of food? Think of the possibilities!

Part 4: Create A Civilization: A Change In Government

It's a great moment for your civilization! Power is moving from the hands of a few to a more democratic government.

Part 5: Create A Civilization: Currency

What type of currency will your civilization use? What symbols will be on it? Why are they significant?

Part 6: Create A Civilization: Calendars

Why 12 months? Why 30ish days? Why 7 days in a week? Your civilization could organize a year in any way you want!

Part 7: Create A Civilization: Design A Flag

What makes for a good flag? What makes a bad flag?

Part 8: Create A Civ: Capital City

How are capital cities a combination of natural and human-designed features?