A Donut Investigation

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In this video, students investigate a strange image that asks which has more sugar: a donut or a health drink? What about a salad? Using math and language arts skills, they’ll determine if this image shows a complete picture or is misleading.


In this cross-curricular investigation, students will look into an intriguing question: do donuts or salads have more sugar? They'll grapple with misleading information, bias, and use their math skills to create a visual representation of sugar in popular foods.


Students will investigate the intriguing question: does a donut or a salad have more sugar? Using an image from an article, they'll determine if the photo is true or misleading, how they might add to it, and how they could create their own version.

Students will use the phrase "limited facts can lead to the wrong conclusions" to guide them in this investigation. Here is the original article.



  1. Students rank how much they trust the donut image.
  2. Then they check the math, using ratios to determine if the original image is accurate.
  3. They choose three new food items to compare, looking up the sugar content, then creating donut ratios for each.
  4. Finally, they redo the original image, choosing a new nutrient to use as the comparison.
  5. Students will update their original belief of how much they trust the image.

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