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  • Running A Group Investigation Lesson

    The group investigation model of instruction is perfect for increasing student interest, motivation, and participation. It's a wonderful tool for introducing a new unit.

  • Creating A Classroom Motto

    A perfect introduction to the year, as well as inductive thinking. Your students will develop a motto for your classroom using Hilda Taba's inductive model.

  • An Inductive Exploration Of Geometry

    What if we made the study of quadrilaterals, triangles, or three-dimensional figures an exploration incorporating creativity, discussion, and student-led thinking?

  • Response to Lit: An Inductive Approach

    Beniy Waisanen explains how his students analyze literature using an inductive model of instruction.

  • Add Layers To Direct Instruction

    In this video, we're going to layer depth and complexity onto a direct instruction lesson using classic literature and art, more advanced content, increased thinking skills, and a writing focus.