Lesson Makeovers

In 2021, I asked teachers to send me lessons that they wanted feedback on. I picked a few and developed a small online event around those lessons. These are the videos from that event.

Lesson Makeover Event – Keynote

After looking at dozens of lessons folks sent in, I came up with three big ideas to address.

Thinking Deeply About Famous Structures

Rather than just learning about one structure, let's climb Bloom's and think more deeply.

Start High, Scaffold Down

A high level of thinking also requires the support of thoughtful scaffolding.

Why I Don’t Use “Create”

Why I don't use the word "Create" when writing objectives.

Comparing Fraction Strategies

Comparing fraction strategies? Let's take it even further!

Depth and Complexity: Patterns and Quadrilaterals

Why just "identifying patterns" isn't deep enough.

Beyond Identifying a Story’s Problem and Solution

So your students can identify a story's problem and solution. Then what?

Engagement Isn’t The Goal

While "engagement" is fun, it shouldn't be our main goal.

Context Clues and Classics

How to use a classic to revamp a study of context clues.

Comparing Strengths and Weaknesses

Go beyond merely explaining strengths and weaknesses and get students thinking in interesting ways.