Greekymon Studies – Round 1

Part 10 of Greek and Latin Word Parts

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Students will create several Greekymon and then combine them in a story.

A more specific set of lessons based on the original Greekymon videos.


  1. Dr. Wordparts explains a recent discovery of dozens of previously unknown Greekymon. He demonstrates two ways to interpret Chronosiren and then asks the students to come up with two explanations for Ursolunascope.
  2. After revealing two possible meanings for Ursolunascope, Dr. Wordparts asks students to interpret Flammaurum.
  3. We reveal our interpretations for Flammaurum and then ask students to come up with two explanations for Vitaquaeus.
  4. We show two possible versions of Vitaquaeus and then ask students to consider Confundifuge.
  5. Finally, students are given three story starters to develop a story using the Greekymon they created.


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