CCSS ELA Standard: 3.L.5

Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships and nuances in word meanings.

  • Fancier Figurative Language: Advanced Repetition

    Let's go beyond "The girl was very, very, VERY fast" and spice up our use of repetition by borrowing two patterns from Shakespeare.

  • Advanced Alliteration (and Consonance)

    When students learn about alliteration, it's hard to steer them away from goofy tongue-twisters. Certainly, there must be more powerful and practical ways of using alliteration. In this lesson, I draw on delicious examples from Shakespeare to show how a very advanced writer used alliteration. Then, I break those ideas down so students can try them out.

  • Valentines with an Academic Twist

    Take a fluffy holiday activity, and give it an academic spin. Watch as students create valentines with a connection to your grade-level content.

  • Fancy Figurative Language

    Some students write beautiful similes, but most get stuck with the most obvious ideas possible ("it was as cold as ice”). I break down several simple techniques to seriously improve students' use of figurative language.