Student-friendly art projects with easy-to-find materials.

Van Gogh Self-Portrait Tournament

Who will win the tournament of Van Gogh self-portraits!?

Drawing An Impossible Triangle

Here's how you can draw The Penrose Triangle, an example of an impossible shape.

Drawing Knots, Level 3

How to draw the final version of the twisty Henri Matisse knot!

Drawing Knots, Level 2

How to draw a more complex version of this twisty Henri Matisse knot!

Drawing Knots, Level 1

How to draw a simple version of this twisty Henri Matisse knot!

Parabolic Curve Art

Create mathematical art with curves that, well, aren't curvy.

Looping Grid Art

Pick a few numbers, draw some corresponding lines on grid paper, and you'll end up with some interesting, looping math-y art!

Writing About Art: The Scream

Part 6 of Writing About Art

Your students will turn the iconic painting The Scream into a vivid, sensory poem.

Concept Attainment: Cubism (Art)

Students will be working with examples and non-examples to deduce the topic of cubism.

Thinking With Art: Head Down

Students will work their brain in several ways, noticing details, comparing, synthesizing, and finally identifying a parallel. All with one artist's work!

Inferring With Art: A Man

What's going on in this painting? Who is that guy? What's his job? And where's his other boot?

Inferring With Art: A Couple

What's going on in this room? There are shoes everywhere! Are thoseā€¦ oranges? Let's make some inferences!

Inferring With Art: Two Women

What are these two women up to? What's that thing she's holding? Let's make some inferences!

Self Portraits: Text Art

Part 2 of Self Portraits

What if a students' self-portrait was made of words that describe the student!?

Art Lesson: One-Point Perspective

Let's give our students an art history lesson while teaching them how to enhance their drawings using one-point perspective.

Art Lesson: Two-Point Perspective

Let's get students' art really popping with two-point perspective!

An Escher-Style Tessellation Project

Create a piece of repeating art in the style of MC Escher!

Self Portraits Part One: Line Drawings

Part 1 of Self Portraits

Anyone, yes anyone, can create a (somewhat) realistic self-portrait using these steps. Anyone!

Self Portraits: Pointillism

Part 3 of Self Portraits

Turn your students into a bunch of Monets with q-tips and some tempera paint.

Fractals: Sierpinski’s Triangle

What if this triangle pattern just kept repeatingā€¦ forever!?

Fractals: Koch Snowflake

You could keep zooming in on this snowflake forever!

Teaching Empathy With Faberge Eggs

Terri Eicholz explains how she builds empathy in her students using the story of the Faberge Eggs.