Self Portraits Part One: Line Drawings

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  • Cardstock: to discourage tracing and to hold up to future painting.
  • Black markers: if you use Sharpies, put something under the paper to protect desks!
  • Printed out photos of students: against a white backdrop

The Steps

Part One: Setup

  1. Show examples of self portraits.
  2. Take photos of students against a white backdrop.
  3. Download photos to computer.
  4. If possible, adjust contrast and brightness to make photo almost purely black and white, with little grey.
  5. Print out photos (this will take longer than you expect!)

Part Two: Demonstrate

  1. Outline the essential lines of your face with sharpie.
  2. Fold traced photo into four quarters.
  3. Think out loud while drawing essential lines onto blank paper
  4. Completing the four quadrants

Part Three: Students Draw

  1. Set the stage: silence with calm background music
  2. Pass out photos (facedown to avoid student embarrassment!)
  3. Go over initial directions and reinforce the need to go slowly and carefully
  4. I give students one do-over in case they really botch it :)

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