Looking Closely at Holiday Photos

Let's write from multiple perspectives using an old timey holiday photo!

Holiday Writing: Packing Crates

Students will look closely at this old image and write a short, structured poem.

Writing About Art: Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons

Part 1 of Writing About Art

Students will create a pretty darn interesting poem about Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons.

Writing About Art: Impression, Sunrise

Part 2 of Writing About Art

Students will create a surprisingly good poem based on Monet's Impression, Sunrise.

Writing About Art: Chōshi in Shimosha

Part 3 of Writing About Art

Get your students writing some pretty darn impressive poetry based on Japan's most famous artist.

Writing About Art: Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

Part 4 of Writing About Art

Students will look closely at a piece of art and then write a structured poem about it.

Writing About Art: Twilight in the Wilderness

Part 5 of Writing About Art

Students will write about a beautiful painting from Frederic Edwin Church.

Writing About Art: The Scream

Part 6 of Writing About Art

Your students will turn the iconic painting The Scream into a vivid, sensory poem.

Remixing A Holiday Poem

Let's take a classic Christmas poem and remix it to work with another holiday!

Writing Seuss Style Poetry

Sure, Dr. Seuss wrote for young students, but can older students analyze his writing and learn to mimic his style? THEN, they can produce Seuss-style poetry about any topic: Ancient China, the electromagnetic spectrum, Pride and Prejudice, and (yes) fraction division!

What would Poetry think about Prose?

Imagine that Poetry and Prose meet for the first time at a party? What would they say to each other? How would they feel? In this video, I guide kids through the process of writing a script in which these two forms of writing interact.

Jabberwocky and Context Clues

Context clues lessons can be a disaster. Here, we expose students to a delightful classic packed with nonsense words ("Jabberwocky") and ask them to decipher the meanings and parts of speech. Then, it's only natural for students to write their own nonsense poems.

Studying and Remixing “The Raven”

Ready to push kids beyond the boring, old ABAB rhyme scheme and into something a bit more complex?

Writing Summaries in Haiku

Let's write a summary. A very short summary. With VERY strict rules.