Writing Summaries in Haiku

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Students will use the highly structured form of haiku to write summaries.

Haiku Rules

Line 1: five syllables
Line 2: seven syllables
Line 3: five syllables

I've used Toy Story as my sample story.

1. Write Plot Summaries

cowboy, toy leader
spaceman takes his place ā€“ jealous!
must learn to be friends

2. Use Character Perspectives

Andy loves me best.
Tossed aside. Replaced? Iā€™m lost.
Andy loves us both.

Shot down. Strange planet.
Just a toy? Not a hero?
I bring Andy joy.

3. A Specific Moment

Woody tries to hide Buzz, but accidentally knocks him out the window.

Buzz chosen? Alone.
My chance ā€“ favorite again!
Too far! What am I?

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