What is Byrdseed.TV?

This is a video library of projects for your advanced students to explore. Projects typically include a teacher guide as well as a series of student videos of your kids to work through.

What are these “student videos”?

Videos that are designed for students to work through independently or in small groups. This page answers this question in depth.

Where’s the video that teaches SKILL X?

Byrdseed.TV isn’t about teaching skills to students. It’s for kids who have mastered a skill and need new, creatives ways to apply those skills. For example, you won’t find a “how to create a proportion” video, but you will find a video about creating proportions using the sugar in donuts vs healthy food.

Can I search by grade?

Nope. This is on purpose. Gifted kids are, by definition, beyond their grade level. By putting a grade on videos it limits who might use it. Your 8 year old might be perfectly capable of tackling a video that 11 year olds might also enjoy.

What grades is this best for?

I’d say upper elementary to middle school is the wheelhouse. As mentioned above, this doesn’t mean that younger students won’t find something useful or that you can’t adapt for older students as well. We do have a set of primary focused videos developed by teachers who work with younger kids.

Can I search by standard?

Broadly, yes. This is a relatively new feature that we’re building out to help you find projects by topic using Common Core and Texas Standards.

Why don’t you have a video about TOPIC Z?

I probably just haven’t thought of it! Please please send me your needs and ideas. I’ll see what I can come up with: ian@Byrdseed.TV

Is there a trial?

No, but you can just try it for a month. If you absolutely hate it, I’d love to refund your month :)

Do you take Purchase Orders?

Yep, and we offer group discounts and district licenses.