Concept Attainment Lesson

This is a concept attainment lesson you can use with your whole group. See this video for more information on using this model of instruction.

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Students will compare sets of sentences using the modal auxiliary "may" to draw a conclusion about the two ways this word may be used: possibility or permission.


  1. Students analyze two sets of three sentences, each using the word "may." Set A uses the word differently than Set B. They compare and contrast, attempting to describe the pattern in each set.
  2. We add three more examples which are ungrouped. Students will apply their patterns from the first video to group these examples into either Set A or Set B.
  3. We reveal the correct groupings from step 2 and then explain the patterns. Set A uses "may" to show possibility while Set B uses "may" to show permission. Students are then left with a worksheet to complete.


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