“Its Big Day” – A Children’s Story About Its and It’s

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Let's spice up a typically dull lesson about the difference between "its" and "it's" by asking students to write a children's story about the adventures of a critter named It.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of when to use "it's" versus "its" by writing a children's story about a critter named It.

I recommend that students write their story on "kindergarten paper" since they're writing a very short tale. This novelty delighted my own students and encouraged them to think in new ways.


  1. Students learn the basics about "its" versus "it's".
  2. Then they practice with some double practice sentences.
  3. Finally, they write a brief story about a creature named It who enjoys a big day. They'll have to use it six times, mixing in both conjunction and possessive versions.

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