Analyze Paragraphs: Baseball

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Students will read three paragraphs about the same topic, decide what makes each one different, and then create a super-paragraph!

The paragraphs:

Baseball is like a sport from another dimension. For example, there is no clock or time limit in this game. All of the players bat in a set order that the coach can’t change. Each team’s stadium is built differently from the other stadiums.

Have you heard of baseball? Unlike most sports, baseball has no time limits, so each team gets an equal number of chances to score. Also, every player on a baseball team bats in order. Even the best player has to wait their turn. In baseball, each stadium has a different shape, so teams have to play a bit differently. Baseball is a unique sport.

Baseball is an unusual sport. Baseball doesn’t have any time limits in the game. Plus, all of the players on a team get the same number of chances to bat. Finally, every baseball stadium is built a little bit differently than the others. All of this means that baseball is the most unique sport out there.


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