Analyze Paragraphs: Cucumbers

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Students will read three paragraphs about the same topic, decide what makes each one different, and then create a super-paragraph!

The three paragraphs:

While some may disagree if it's a fruit or vegetable, no one can argue that the cucumber is a plant with many uses. It can be sliced and eaten raw, it can be pickled to eat later, or it can be used to reduce puffiness around the eyes. The cucumber is a surprisingly useful plant!

The cucumber is a useful plant. It’s green and shaped like a tube. It can go in a salad with lettuce and tomatoes and dressing on top. It can become a pickle. It can fix a person's puffy eyes. Cucumbers are useful plants.

Although it seems like a pretty common plant, the cucumber is surprisingly useful. Not only can it be used in a salad, but it can also be turned into a pickle if you can wait long enough. Cucumbers can even help with a person's puffy eyes. Don’t underestimate the cucumber!


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