Three Abstract, Intuitive (and Easy to Learn) Math Games

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Simple to learn? Deep strategy? And (best of all) totally free? These three math-y games give kids lots of room to intuitively determine strategies and - eventually - get good enough to beat you!


When they play these games, students will be intuitively coming up with winning strategies. Since the rules are so simple, you can then change the rules a bit and have students re-think their strategy. Do this enough and your students' language will move from specific to abstract.

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  1. Game of 100 – Students add 1 to 10 to a growing sum until one of them gets close enough to say 100. Strategy: get the one to say "89".
  2. Heaps – Students remove items from piles until there are no items left. The last one to remove wins.
  3. Cram – Students fill in a grid with 2×1 shapes. The last person who can go wins.

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