Game: Bulls and Cows

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Students will develop a strategy to break their opponents code based on limited information.

Bulls and Cows is a code-breaking game for two players (or two teams). Each player creates a four-digit numerical code (or three-digit for an easier version). Note: Each digit in your code must be unique. No reusing the same numeral. So 1234 is ok, but 1223 is not since it duplicates the 2.

Each player, on their turn, guesses a four-digit number. The opposing player says how many "bulls and cows" they got.

  • A bull is a correct number in the correct place
  • A cow is a correct number in the wrong place

If my code were "3782" and you guessed "7152", I'd say "one bull and one cow." The bull is 2 and the cow is 7.

The first person to guess the other's code wins.

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