Literary Technique: Juxtaposition

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Juxtaposition is a powerful literary tool students can use for analysis as well as creation. Students will learn to find juxtaposition in existing writing as well as develop juxtaposed characters in their own stories.

Juxtaposition: the act of positioning close together to emphasize differences.


  1. Introduce juxtaposition, showing a desert and then a rain forest. This emphasizes the difference in the two environments.
  2. Likewise, a very long sentence next to a short sentence emphasizes their differences.
  3. Show how character pairs often feature juxtaposition: C-3PO and R2-D2, Bert and Ernie, and Dory and Marlin.
  4. Students will use the juxtaposition worksheet to analyze two characters’ differences, and how it makes them a stronger team.
  5. Students can also use juxtaposition as a writing tool to develop a more interesting pair of characters in their own stories.

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