Nature and Needs

Professional Development focused on students’ social and emotional needs.

Brain Needs or Heart Needs

We think of gifted kids as only having academic needs, but - in their own words - they also have many needs of the heart.

Multipotentiality: Excellent at Many Things

Why being good at many things can be a bit of a burden.

Students and Personality Types

How can our students be so different? And how can we help them to understand themselves and each other better.

Unexpected Intensities

Do you know a student who's a little bit… intense?

Addressing Disorganization

Know any kids who, despite their brilliant minds, have a bit of a hard time keeping things in order, turning things in on time, or remembering to put their names on their papers?


In some areas, a student may be shockingly advanced, while in others… surprisingly average. This is asynchrony in action.

Planning and Reflecting with Four Lists

Rather than adding more to your plate, think about what you want to stop doing.