Fraction Puzzlers: Add and Subtract Fractions To Reach A Number

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Students construct fractions from a limited number of digits in order to reach a given solution.

A set of challenging fraction puzzles from the series Advanced Common Core Math. Students begin with the solution but have to add and/or subtract three fractions to get there. These puzzles have many right answers, will promote lots of discussion, and will help students recognize patterns within fractions.


  1. First students will try to create fractions that will get them to 0.
  2. Now, using the same digits, students will try to create fractions that will get them to 1.
  3. Students try to get as close as possible to 1/2 – without actually reaching it.
  4. Now they'll try to get as close as possible to 0 – without actually reaching it.
  5. Then they try to get as close as possible to 1 – without actually reaching it.
  6. Finally, students chose their own denominators to try to add up to 1/5.


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