Student Introductions with Complexity and Frames

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Students will use Change Over Time or Multiple Perspectives to look at themselves in new ways.

Students should have an understanding of the Frame and the prompts of Depth before attempting these lessons.

In this set of videos, students will look at themselves using the prompts of complexity, choosing either:

  • 👓 Multiple Perspectives: they'll pick three or four different ways they view the world
  • ⏳ Change Over Time: they'll pick three or four different time periods they've lived through

For either, they will then:

  1. Pick three prompts of depth.
  2. Use those prompts of depth plus their time periods or perspectives to analyze themselves.
  3. Write their analysis into a Frame graphic organizer.

Finally, students can look for "big patterns" across all of their perspectives or time periods and write a paragraph.


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Depth and Complexity is based on work by Sandra Kaplan and Bette Gould.

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