Anxiety Reduction

Allison Edwards’ anxiety reduction tools from her book, Why Smart Kids Worry.

Reduce Anxiety: Square Breathing (Tool 1)

Reduce anxiety by breathing in a square pattern.

Reduce Anxiety: 5 Question Rule (Tool 5)

Adults can limit anxiety by implementing the Five Question Rule.

Reduce Anxiety: Brain Plate (Tool 3)

Take away some anxiety with the tool Brain Plate.

Reduce Anxiety: Change The Channel (Tool 2)

Reduce anxiety by learning to "change the channel."

Reduce Anxiety: Worry Time (Tool 4)

Adults can learn to help students reduce anxiety with the tool Worry Time.

What Happens In Your Brain When You’re Worried or Afraid

Allison Edwards explains how blood flow in your brain affects your decision-making

How to Reset Your Brain When You’re Flooded

Allison Edwards explains how changing your senses can reset your brain.