Lesson Design

How to plan better lessons using a variety of models of instruction.

An Introduction to Models of Instruction

As a new teacher, I only knew one model of instruction: Direct Instruction. I was like a chef who only knew how to deep fry!

Writing Concept Attainment Lessons

In a Concept Attainment lesson, we give students examples and non-examples of a concept -- without telling them what that concept is!

Models of Instruction: Inquiry Training

Want your students to ask better questions? Why not train them to inquire!?

Running A Group Investigation Lesson

Learn to lead a lesson that is built entirely on student curiosity.

Creativity Beyond The Fluff

Just because a task is "creative" doesn't mean students are at the top of Bloom's Taxonomy.

An Inductive Exploration Of Geometry

With inductive thinking, students will work from parts to whole, discovering big ideas along the way!