Depth and Complexity PD

An introduction to the Depth and Complexity framework for teachers.

Depth and Complexity – An Introduction for Teachers

Depth and Complexity is a powerful, but often misunderstood, framework for teaching students to think more like experts.

My Top 5 Depth and Complexity Mistakes

I spent about a decade making some pretty major mistakes in my use of depth and complexity.

Misconceptions About 🏛️ Big Idea

For too long, I let my students turn in blah Big Ideas. Here's how I fixed it.

Depth and Complexity and Graphic Organizers

Let's see a few examples of how Depth and Complexity slides nicely into any graphic organizer.

Think Like a Disciplinarian (or an Expert!)

Here's how I got better at using the Think Like An Expert technique.

Content Imperatives

Learn to use the Content Imperatives, a set of five additional tools that work with Depth and Complexity.

Universal Themes

Universal Themes are an easy way to connect lessons, units, and content areas, even going across grade levels, and into students' personal interests.

Climbing Blooms with Depth and Complexity

Combine higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy with the prompts of Depth and Complexity!

Analyzing Conflict with the Content Imperatives

How to go deep into conflict using the Content Imperatives.

Making Depth and Complexity Posters

Why buy premade posters when you can show off your students' thinking about Depth and Complexity?

Depth and Complexity: Patterns and Quadrilaterals

Why just "identifying patterns" isn't deep enough.