Special Gifts with Special Requirements

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Students will balance various requirements in order to find the perfect gifts for their very special friends.

Step Four can be used after any of the other steps. Students would use those directions to write a letter to their friend about the gift they chose.

Feel free to have students use ratios to actually calculate weight vs size, volume vs price, and so on if they're ready for that.


  1. Students look for gifts that have a large volume while balancing a low price.
  2. Next, they find gifts that are heavy, but don't take up much space. And also are as cheap as possible.
  3. For the third gift, students are looking for something long - maximizing one dimension while minimizing the other two. They'll also want to save money.
  4. Use this step whenever you'd like. Students can write a letter explaining their thought process behind the gift(s) they chose.


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