Contrasting with Depth and Complexity

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Students will contrast one idea with another by focusing on one prompt of depth and complexity.

Move students beyond identifying rules, and ask them to contrast the rules of this topic and a related topic.

For example:

  • How are the 🚦rules for a bike different from the 🚦for a car (or scooter or electric bike). How should those rules be more (or less) different?
  • How are the ⚖️ ethical issues of a smartphone different from the ⚖️ ethics of a video game system?

And, once students can answer this question, keep pushing them. Have them form an opinion and create a big idea. The key to success with Depth and Complexity is to keep moving students up Bloom's Taxonomy!

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Depth and Complexity is based on work by Sandra Kaplan and Bette Gould.