Animal Adaptation Tournament

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Students will work through a tournament to determine the most interesting, most valuable, or strangest animal adaptations.

Here are my notes about the adaptations:

  1. Cuttlefish - three skin layers that created different colors and patterns. Their skin also has papillae to add texture.
  2. Dorcas Gazelle - many water conserving adaptations (they don't have to drink, they have solid urine, etc)
  3. Sunda Flying Lemur - skin membrane for gliding
  4. Wood frogs - can freeze their blood
  5. Pufferfish - grow when threatened
  6. Mimic octopus - mimics dangerous animals
  7. Camel - third eyelid!
  8. ant-mimicking treehopper (Cyphonia clavata) — adapted to grow a… realistic ant-shaped protrusion on its back!


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