Lines, Line Segments, Rays, and Infinity!

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In this video, students learn about the difference between lines, line segments, and rays. We differentiate by highlighting these interesting aspects of infinity and lines:

  • A ray and a line are both infinitely long, so they're both equally long, even though rays have an endpoint!
  • Line segments, lines, and rays all have the same number of points (infinity), even though line segments have a clear end and lines are infinitely long


  1. I introduce students to lines, line segments, and rays. Finally, I pose the delicious question: "Which is the longest?"
  2. Now we ponder: "Which has more points on it?"
  3. Finally, students explore an idea such as: "What would a ray think about a line?" or "If a line wrote a poem to a line segment, what would it be like?" They can then create a mini-story, a comic, a play, or whatever you see fit!

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