Would you like help creating professional development?

Or, even better, would you like someone to just make it for you (so you can focus on the 178 other responsibilities you have)?

If so, I've added a new membership level at Byrdseed.TV just for you!

How does this work?

I’m creating sets of professional development videos, broken into small, five-minute chunks and ending with a clear task.

You pick which videos you'd like to make available to your teachers. They don't even need a Byrdseed.TV account! And they don't even need to be in the same room as you. It can all happen online (or in person). You can check out the sample professional development videos here.

But… how much?

Well, now, keep in mind, before I retired from leading professional development, folks would pay (including all of the travel costs) over $4,000 a day for me to lead a workshop.

A day.

But, for 365 days of access I'm charging just just $399 for a year.

What? Why so low!?

Several reasons:

  1. I deeply appreciate folks willing to take a chance on me. So you lock in a nice, low starting price. Yep, you lock it in. I’ve never raised prices on existing Byrdseed.TV subscribers.
  2. The professional development video library will continue to grow over time. So I’d like to give early adopters a discount as I build out this part of Byrdseed.TV.
  3. It's a wild time in the world, and I'd like to be as helpful to as many folks as I can.

So $399 per year. And if it doesn’t help you with planning your workshops, I’ll give you all of your money back. No problem at all.

Pushing Videos Out

You can include Byrdseed.TV professional development videos into any learning management software (LMS) you may already use.

I have pages specific to Google Classroom, Schoology, Seesaw, and Canvas, but you could even just email the links or post them in a Google Doc!

The links work for as long as your Byrdseed.TV account is in good standing.


Want to see some samples? Here are samples of the professional development videos.

Some frequently asked questions about pricing for this level:

  • Does the district license come with Administrator accounts? No, a district license is for teacher accounts. An Administrator account would need to be added on.
  • How many people can log in with an Administrator account? Each Administrator account is for one person to log in with.
  • Do you award certificates? Oh no! I am not qualified for that! You may certainly use the Byrdseed.TV PD videos to grant certificates, if you’d like, though!
  • I have a Teacher account and want to upgrade to an Administrator account. What will this cost? We’ll credit you what you’ve already paid and prorate the remainder based on how far into your membership you are. Send an email to info@Byrdseed.TV and we’ll calculate this for you!
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