Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use

Privacy Policy

Any data collected through Byrdseed.TV is meant to make the site function as you would expect. Here’s what we collect and store:

  • When you sign up, we store your email address, username, and password.
  • When you sign in, we store your latest sign-in date.
  • If you “bookmark” videos through the site, we store which videos you have bookmarked.
  • If you make “student videos” available, we store which videos you’ve enabled.
  • If you make “student videos” available, we must store the name and password you create for your class.
  • If you select “interests and grade-levels,” we store that information.
  • All passwords are stored in an encrypted format which even we cannot read.
  • We do not collect any information about students who may access this site through the “student video” feature.
  • Payment data is collected and processed by Stripe. Byrdseed, LLC doesn’t store or have access to your credit card information.
  • We use Google Analytics to track website statistics. This information is not stored at Byrdseed.TV nor is it tied to your account here. This is disabled on student pages.
  • We use Wistia to serve videos. They track video statistics, but this is not tied to your user account at Byrdseed.TV.
  • We use Help Scout to communicate with you while using Byrdseed.TV and through email.
  • Byrdseed.TV is built on WordPress, which uses cookies to keep you logged in while using the site.

When your subscription ends, we will remove any of this information about your account.

Naturally, we do not and will not sell, rent, or distribute any of this information.

If you have any questions about data collection, please email us:

Terms of Use

By using Byrdseed.TV, you are entering into the following agreement with Byrdseed, LLC.

You agree to maintain your account in good standing by paying monthly or annually (depending on your account) or through a district purchase order. You can cancel at any time. No refunds after the initial 30 days.

We have never raised prices for existing subscribers, even when prices go up for new subscribers. If we change this pricing policy, you’ll have at least 90 days notice.

The videos and other materials on Byrdseed.TV are the intellectual property of Byrdseed, LLC unless otherwise noted.

You may:

  • access these materials through Byrdseed.TV using your own account
  • use these materials with students you directly work with
  • use these materials for your own professional development
  • share the ideas in an informal way with other colleagues

You may not (without explicit permission from Byrdseed, LLC):

  • claim these materials as your own
  • distribute these videos in any way to non-subscribers (including uploading to district websites, video services, class websites, etc)
  • show our materials to non-subscribers in a professional development setting
  • share your account with anyone

If in doubt, please ask! We’re accommodating to interesting situations: info@Byrdseed.TV