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Two Big Problems With
Most Online Resources

If you’ve used some of the many online resources for kids out there, you’ve probably noticed that they often suffer from one of these two problems:

  1. Drill and kill. Endless practice problems and low-level thinking. These sites and apps may be spiced up with clip art, sound effects, or a points system, but at their core, it's all memorization and repetition.
  2. Lots of info. But nothing to do. Other resources give kids lots of information but have no plan for what kids can do with that information. You see this on educational YouTube channels. Since the video has no clearly defined task to complete, kids end up just letting the next video play. And the video after that. And so on. Lots of input, but no directed output.

At Byrdseed.TV, my goal is to not to give kids lots of information, but to get them thinking! And thinking in new ways.

Structures and Scaffolds

To get kids thinking, I break each lesson up into several short videos, rarely longer than 2 minutes each. Just enough time for me to introduce the next step, demonstrate it, and move out of the way so they can get to work. At the end of each segment, there is a clear task to complete before starting the next video.

The first task is always purposefully simple. I want students to have success immediately – an easy win to get them started. But the second task will require a little more thought. And the third, a little more than that. I slowly ramp up the complexity to match students’ skills.

By the end, your kids will be fully independent, fully active, and fully engaged. If they really like the task, they could work on it for weeks. No joke. I hear this feedback from teachers all the time: kids want to stay in from recess or work at home on something they saw on Byrdseed.TV. In fact, here are real-life teachers sharing their students' interest in Byrdseed.TV lessons!

By the way, all of this is planned out and organized for you. You can even give your kids access to just the videos you want them to see. This video shows you how:

Ok. But what does that look like?

A video is worth a million words, so here's a tour of one of my favorite projects. Starting with a striking image about salads that have more sugar than donuts, your kids will go on a multi-disciplinary investigation as they seek the truth about sugar in healthy foods.

There’s over 300 more examples in the library (I've been building this for years). Give it a browse and see what Byrdseed.TV has to offer.

What ages is Byrdseed.TV for?

If you work with kids in Grades 3 through 6 (that's ages 8 through 12) and teach multiple subjects, you're probably the ideal person for Byrdseed.TV. That said, I know many folks who teach middle school or even primary grades who love Byrdseed.TV. If you want to give it a shot, I'm happy to refund you if it doesn't work out.

"I Love Byrdseed.TV!"

Thousands of folks from around the world use and love Byrdseed.TV. They're from every continent (except Antarctica). Here's what some of them have told me:

"This was the best money I have ever spent on a teaching tool!"

Christine in Wisconsin

"I LOVE these videos. It's like having two teachers in my classroom."

Kristi in Ohio

"I love Byrdseed.TV. It is a lifesaver"

Lori in Washington

"I am the coordinator for our district gifted program. Byrdseed.TV is one of my favorite sites and one of the best investments I have made for the program."

Jeannette in California

"The ideas presented are clear and straight-forward and my students have responded positively to every lesson idea I’ve used. It’s my favorite go-to resource."

Melissa in North Carolina

"I love Byrdseed TV! I use it as a resource and inspiration source! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and knowledge."

Kari in Texas

"I absolutely LOVE all of the ideas on your site. I am using Byrdseed TV to differentiate activities for my clustered students to work on when the rest of the class is doing something they’ve already mastered."

Wendy in Washington

"Love, love, love Byrdseed TV... I used many ideas and lessons this year. The kids loved the lessons and were engaged!"

Tiffany in California

"I just subscribed to Byrdseed.TV and am loving it -- though it is kind of scary addictive in a binge-watching kind of way (that, by the way, is a compliment)."

Elizabeth from Florida

Why do teachers love Byrdseed.TV? Well, it's because their students love it too.

One kid summed it up best: "Everything at school is so linear, but Byrdseed makes us think diagonally." I cannot think of a better way to explain what I'm going for!

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I’m Ian Byrd! I was once a teacher in a gifted magnet program (the same program I attended as a kid). After teaching, I traveled around the US and worked with other teachers, presented at parent nights, and keynoted education conferences. Now, I work on Byrdseed.TV full time. I made it for teachers, but - given the current situation - parents might find it even more useful.

Want to ask a question? I'm at ian@Byrdseed.TV