"I just don't have time to create differentiated lessons."

If you're like me, you've gone to conferences and workshops. You've bought books about differentiation. You've already heard lots of ideas. But you still haven't really implemented many of those ideas.

Why? Because workshops, conferences, and books all leave you with more work! Despite the time and money invested, you still have to actually write the lessons.

But here's the thing..

You're good at working with students, building relationships, creating a great environment, and actually teaching. That's probably why you became a teacher. That's what you should be able to focus on!

You shouldn't also be expected to write your own differentiated curriculum!

That's where Byrdseed.TV comes in.

Byrdseed.TV is a library of video lessons, projects, and investigations that you can use directly with your students.

"Directly" is the key. It means I've already done the work of, not just designing the lessons, but also putting them into a format you can use with your students. You don't have to spend time interpreting and implementing my lesson plans. You don't even need to read a lesson plan! It's all done for you. You can just, you know, teach.

At Byrdseed.TV, I design the lessons from the ground up for your most capable students. I build them using time-tested best-practices – not the latest fad, app, or acronym. These lessons leave enough space for students to really think – not merely remember. These are lessons designed especially for advanced students, not ideas bolted on after the fact.

I want your students to utter those magical words: can I keep working on this?

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Is Byrdseed.TV For Me?

I know that some folks work in self-contained classrooms, some are pull-out teachers, some push-in, some offer only enrichment, some even work remotely. Byrdseed.TV is purposefully flexible to meet your needs. However, Byrdseed.TV is best suited for those who teach multiple subjects and work with students in grades 3 through 6.

It's super easy to share videos with students, whether they're in the same room as you or across the country.

So… Is It Like $1000!?

When I'd attend an education conference, I'd end up paying hundreds of dollars. For just a couple days of passive listening! But Byrdseed.TV starts at $149 a year for teachers. You get year-round access. Plus, you'll find hundreds of lessons that are ready to go. You won't need a week to unpack them. You can just, you know, teach.

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"I Love Byrdseed.TV!"

Thousands of teachers from around the world use Byrdseed.TV with their students. They represent every continent (except Antarctica). The most common word in their Byrdseed.TV reviews is love. And they love Byrdseed.TV because their students love it.

"This was the best money I have ever spent on a teaching tool!"

Christine in Wisconsin

"I LOVE these videos. It's like having two teachers in my classroom."

Kristi in Ohio

"I love Byrdseed.TV. It is a lifesaver"

Lori in Washington

"Byrdseed.TV has always been amazing but during the last year, you have been elevated to SUPERAMAZINGFANTASTIC status. You have saved my students from super boring lessons."

Heidi in California

"I love Byrdseed TV! I use it as a resource and inspiration source! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and knowledge."

Kari in Texas

"I am the coordinator for our district gifted program. Byrdseed.TV is one of my favorite sites and one of the best investments I have made for the program."

Jeannette in California

"I absolutely LOVE all of the ideas on your site. I am using Byrdseed TV to differentiate activities for my clustered students to work on when the rest of the class is doing something they’ve already mastered."

Wendy in Washington

"Love, love, love Byrdseed TV... I used many ideas and lessons this year. The kids loved the lessons and were engaged!"

Tiffany in California

"I just subscribed to Byrdseed.TV and am loving it -- though it is kind of scary addictive in a binge-watching kind of way (that, by the way, is a compliment)."

Elizabeth from Florida

The best feedback I've ever received was from a student who said that, while everything else at school is so linear, "Byrdseed.TV makes us think diagonally!" Yes!

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Hello! I'm Ian Byrd, and I create the resources here at Byrdseed.TV. Tens of thousands of teachers read my site Byrdseed.com every month. I've spoken at more than two hundred events. I taught in southern California, where I also grew up. Nowadays I live on the Oregon coast in a town where Arnold Schwarzenegger once taught kindergarten.

Email any questions to: info@Byrdseed.TV