Give Byrdseed.TV To Your Event’s Guests

Running an Event?
Give Byrdseed.TV to Your Guests

Rather than speaking at events, my focus is now on developing the lessons here at Byrdseed.TV.

But! If you’re running an event and would like me to be involved, Byrdseed.TV subscriptions for your attendees are a pretty darn useful resource – more useful than me speaking for a few hours since this resource lasts for an entire year!

Here are a few ways to make it happen:

1. Buy A Year-Long License Rather Than A One-Hour Talk

I guarantee you that your guests would appreciate hundreds of immediately-useful lessons over yet another talk! See group pricing discounts here. A year-long license for your entire group isn’t much more than what organizations paid me to keynote for one day of an event.

2. Open Byrdseed.TV For A Day

Is a whole year out of reach? Then make Byrdseed.TV open to your attendees during your event. It’s like a mini-conference within a conference! They’ll have complete access to all of the lessons and professional development videos I’ve created.

  • One Day: $500
  • Two Days: $800
  • Three Days: $1000
  • More? Email me:

3. Raise Some Money

If you’d like to use Byrdseed.TV to bring in money for your organization (and offer a small discount to your guests), I can set you up as a Byrdseed.TV affiliate and you’ll receive a split of any annual accounts purchased through your affiliate code.

If any of that sounds good, you can contact me at!