What Is Included in a Subscription?

You get access to the entire library, currently bursting with 233 videos. And we're constantly adding new videos. This level costs $5.99 per month, or $59 for a year.

For a little more, you can download the video files to your computer. This level costs $7.99 per month, or $79 per year.

How Long Are These Videos?

Just as long as they need to be, but typically 5-10 minutes. Nothing is stretched out to fit an hour-long meeting, and nothing is rushed because time is running out.

And you can watch each video as any times as you'd like.

What Topics Are Included?

There's ideas for differentiating math projects, improving math instruction, and going deeper with reading assignments and character analysis. Help students write poetry, narratives, and non-fiction, and take your social studies and science instruction to the next level.

Plus, we have videos specifically about differentiation tools, such as alternate lesson designs, ways to add complexity, and resources for infusing creativity.

There are also videos about gifted students' social and emotional needs, such as unique personalities, overexcitabilities, and the dreaded impostor syndrome.

We have videos to help you integrate technology, such as: iMovie, Garageband, green screen apps, and more.

Finally, we've got pure enrichment: delightful abstract games, five-minute Shakespeare summaries, and art lessons.

Who Creates These Videos

Many are developed by me, Ian Byrd. I'm a former gifted kid and teacher of gifted students. I travel frequently and present to teachers across the US, keynoting several state gifted conferences, but I also have many talented teachers who contribute their own lesson and project ideas.

Can Students Watch These?

Almost all videos have a student-friendly version. You can watch the teacher video to understand the overview, and then play the student videos for your class.

You can even set up a login and choose exactly which videos your students have access to.

Can My District Purchase Accounts?

Yes, districts around the world have purchased accounts at Byrdseed.TV. Simply send a purchase order to ian@Byrdseed.TV. If you have several teachers signing up, we even have a group discount.

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$89 per year

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