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Using Literary Peers and Mentors Part 1

Steve Schroeder-Davis breaks down the use of realistic fiction and biographies as a tool to find friends and peers for gifted kids, especially those living in poverty, from under-represented populations, or with multiple exceptionalities.


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"Love, love, love Byrdseed TV... I used many ideas and lessons this year. This kids loved the lessons and were engaged!" ~ Tiffany in California

"The ideas presented are clear and straight-forward and my students have responded positively to every lesson idea I’ve used from Mr. Byrd and his colleagues. It’s my favorite go-to resource for gifted students." ~ Melissa in North Carolina

"I am the coordinator for our district GATE program. Byrdseed.TV is one of my favorite sites and one of the best investments I have made for the program." ~ Jeannette in California

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