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The Resiliency Tournament

In this video, students will learn about resiliency through materials like rubber bands and then create a tournament of people and characters who have displayed resiliency.

The Intellectual Overexcitability

A live video explaining how gifted students’ deep interests can be both positive and negative.

Factor Scrambles

A sample puzzle from the Factors and Multiples edition of Prufrock’s Advanced Common Core Math Explorations series.

Fraction Puzzlers

A set of challenging fraction puzzles from the series Advanced Common Core Math

Teaching Morality

Dr. Kohlberg’s six levels of morality make a complex topic understandable. We’ll explore how to address social-emotional needs and also use these levels for character analysis.

Fancy Figurative Language

Take figurative language to the next level! No more memorizing the difference between simile and metaphor. Instead, ask students to use these tools in more creative and complex ways!

Introducing Subtext

Pamela Barnes explains the lessons she uses to teach her students about subtext in their writing.

Character Archetypes

Develop rich characters for narratives by starting with time-tested archetypes.