Contributor Guide

Byrdseed.TV Video Planning

Big Idea

Here’s the goal: a teacher identifies a group that’s ready for something more. That group logs into Byrdseed.TV, finds your project, and works through it independently.

Planning The Project

Your project will be broken into a few steps, each with its own video. I usually end up with 3-4, but some have only 1 and some have 6. Break it up as best fits the project.

Each video guides students through a step of the final product. The videos should end with a task that students can complete independently before moving on. There should be modeling within each task using the same worksheet/tool that students will use. Each step will help set students up for a successful final product.

See these samples:

  • Pixelated Symbolism: Students develop a symbol to represent a character. The project is broken into three parts.
  • Flower Power: Students create a realistic flower and pollinator.
  • Donut Investigation: Students look into the sugar content in healthy foods using donuts as a comparison.

Structured, But Open

The final product should be open-ended, creative, and require high-levels of thinking. But it should also be structured and scaffolded so that all students can be successful.

I love the terms “low floor and high ceiling” to describe this.

A key is to design the task so that every student has room to create something unique, but has enough structure so that students can work confidently and independently.

Your Role

You’ll write the scripts for each video, narrate them, and send me the audio files. I have some specific tips for writing and recording here.

You’ll create or provide any worksheets and resources students will need to complete the project. Optionally, you can create a rough Powerpoint file that outlines the project.

I’ll edit your audio, develop the video, put it all together, and get it online.