If you’re here, it’s because I’d love for you to share your ideas with Byrdseed.TV subscribers:

Byrdseed.TV is…

  1. An inexpensive, ongoing site for inspiring and equipping teachers.
  2. Filled with quick and focused videos to help busy educators.
  3. A venue for you to share high-quality material and be compensated for your time.

What Kind of Ideas?

  • Your favorite novel study.
  • Your centers setup.
  • Ideas for starting a chess team.
  • A way you introduce classroom rules.
  • An inspiring science project.
  • Your tips for running student council.
  • Anything that helps teachers!

How Long?

If you only need ten minutes to explain your idea, then that’s how long your video should be! No need to meet artificial time constraints. If your idea is large, just break it up into a series.

What’s the Procedure?

  1. Make powerpoint slides. I will add to and edit your slides to make your video look great (here’s a before/after shot)!
  2. Record your voice narrating the steps (I’ll send you a nice mic).
  3. Send me the finished audio file and powerpoint files.
  4. I’ll edit your audio, removing any “ums” or stumbled words. You’ll sound great!
  5. I send you a check for $100 for your time, effort, and courage.

Who Owns The Rights?

You retain the rights to your lesson idea (feel free to publish a book in the future for example), and we’d share the rights to the video (you can use the video however you’d like and I can use the video as well). Bottom line: I don’t want to own your idea in any way. If you have further questions, we can definitely go into more detail about this.

Are You In?

I hope so! I’d love for you to share your expertise. Please get in touch with me at and we’ll get started.