How To Run A Concept Attainment Lesson (Grammar)

In a Concept Attainment lesson, students are given examples and non-examples of a concept — without knowing what that concept is. They look for patterns to try to explain why the examples are grouped into two categories. In the end, you reveal the reasons as well as the academic vocabulary, the names of the concepts.

  1. Give students three examples in column A, then three in column B.
  2. Allow students to think, then discuss with a group or partner.
  3. Give students three more ungrouped examples down the middle.
  4. Students predict where these will go, again discussing with a partner or group.
  5. You reveal the true groupings.
  6. Have a whole group discussion in which students attempt to describe how they made their predictions.
  7. Reveal the real differences in the columns.
  8. Reveal the academic vocabulary.
  9. Students can then practice the concept with a worksheet or textbook.