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  • Plurals: An Inductive Spelling Lesson

    Structure a lesson so that students discover plural spelling rules on their own using the inductive model of instruction.

  • New Uses for Everyday Things

    Joelle Trayers gives examples of how she encourages creativity and critical thinking by asking her students to think of completely new uses for everyday items.

  • Exploring Homophones With First Graders

    Learn how "eight" and "ate" inspired a year long inquiry into homophones in a first grade class.

  • Multiple Perspectives in Primary

    Joelle Trayers shares activities and book recommendations for teaching young students to think using multiple perspectives.

  • Character Court

    Get your kindergarten and first grade students involved in debates using multiple characters' points of view. What would Goldilocks say to Papa Bear? What about Cinderalla and her Fairy Godmother?

  • Ethics In The Young Elementary Classroom

    Can we get students as young as kindergarten discussing ethical issues? Learn some ideas for integrating these multiple perspective problems throughout your curriculum.