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  • Developing Extension Questions: Zooming In

    In this video, we're continuing the camera metaphor and "zooming in" to explore the glossed-over details that are worth an entire unit of study onto themselves.

  • Developing Extension Questions: Panning

    Much like a camera pans, we can pan to related topics in order to develop an interesting extension question for students.

  • Frames In Social Studies

    Now we'll explore uses of the Frame graphic organizer in social studies: analyzing multiple time periods, using multiple perspectives, and pushing students up Bloom's Taxonomy.

  • Frames In Language Arts

    Frames are a simple but powerful graphic organizer for differentiation. Here we'll explore how to use Frames in Language Arts.

  • Curriculum Acceleration: Step by Step

    Melanie Bondy, of Mine Vine Press, explains how to accelerate curriculum for your advanced students.

  • Curriculum Compacting

    Melanie Bondy explains how compacting will help you to “shrink the curriculum” and give students opportunities to use their time more effectively.

  • Running A Curiosity Based Research Project

    How to structure and run an ongoing research projects based on students' own curiosities.