Introducing Depth and Complexity

Are your students new to Depth and Complexity? Start here to introduce each of the prompts.

Making A Change with Depth and Complexity

Take your students further up Bloom's Taxonomy by asking them to make a change using one of the prompts of depth and complexity and then consider what the effects of that change would be.

Contrasting with Depth and Complexity

Once your students can identify the rules, language, or big ideas of a topic, we've got to move them up Bloom's Taxonomy! Let's start by contrasting with a related topic.

Depth and Complexity: πŸ“ˆ Trends

Has something been changing recently? What might be causing that? What are the effects?

Depth and Complexity: πŸ‘„ Language of the Discipline

Imagine a construction worker who doesn't know the name of a screwdriver or a doctor who can't remember what to call your neck. It's pretty hard to communicate well without knowing the πŸ‘„ Language of the Discipline!

Depth and Complexity: ❓ Unanswered Questions

This underutilized tool focuses students on what we don’t yet know and even what we can’t know.

Depth and Complexity: βš–οΈ Ethics

Want to add drama to any topic? Use the Ethic prompt!

Depth and Complexity: 🚦 Rules

Is there a consequence for not doing something? You may have found a rule!

Depth and Complexity: πŸ›οΈ Big Idea

Let's get students thinking big and focusing on more abstract ideas.

Depth and Complexity: πŸ“š Across Disciplines

No topic is an island! With the πŸ“š Across Disciplines prompt, students note connections within and across multiple fields.

Depth and Complexity: ⏳ Change Over Time

Want to get students thinking about how a topic has changed or might change in the future? The ⏳ Change Over Time thinking tool is just what you need!

Depth and Complexity: πŸ‘“ Multiple Perspectives

In this video, we introduce the πŸ‘“ Multiple Perspectives prompt of Depth and Complexity.

Depth and Complexity: Patterns

Can your students spot anything that repeats? Or that has stopped repeating?

Depth and Complexity: 🌻 Details

Get kids focusing on the small, but essential, details of a topic.