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Build Creative Confidence

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Use the qualities identified in the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking to help build creative confidence in your students. Here are a handful of quick, fun activities to strengthen kids’ divergent thinking.


What teachers are saying

"We use Byrdseed.TV when we do staff development to motivate and give fresh ideas to teachers working with gifted and advanced students." ~ Debbie in Oregon

"The ideas presented are clear and straight-forward and my students have responded positively to every lesson idea I’ve used from Mr. Byrd and his colleagues. It’s my favorite go-to resource for gifted students." ~ Melissa in North Carolina

"I absolutely LOVE all of the ideas on your site. Right now I am using Byrdseed TV to differentiate activities for my clustered students to work on when the rest of the class is doing something they’ve already mastered." ~ Wendy in Washington

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